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Here is where you'll find the presentations, talks, discussions and interesting material from our 9am services.

You can click on the service you missed and you'll find a prezi, or a powerpoint presentation, an audio file of the talk or a written transcript of the talk. Depending on what happened at the service, you'll find links to the songs we sang, or a brief outline of the discussion we had, or some photos of us doing creative things!

If you catch up on a service and would like to chat about the subject or something that inspired or confused you, then you can head to our forums page and start a conversation under our 9am thread!

20th July 2013: Bucket Lists

20th Oct 2013: What do we See?

10th Nov 2013: Remembering Peace

Old Testament Series:

Introductory Session: Peta's notes

Session 1: Life Through a Lense (Peta's Notes) and Visuals:

Session 2: Creation Stories (Peta's Notes) and visuals:


Session 3: The Beginnings of Israel (Peta's Notes) and visuals:


Session 4: Conquering the Promised Land (Peta's Notes) and visuals:

Session 5: Like Other Nations (Peta's Notes) and visuals


Session 6: Read all About it! (Peta's notes) and visuals:


Session 7: Waiting for Jesus (Peta's Notes) and visuals:


Summer Series:

13th July: Stages of Faith (Peta's Notes) and visuals:

27th July: Israel/Palestine visuals:

10th August: Henri Nouwen's "The Wounded Healer"

Peta's Notes

Autumn 2014: New Testament Series:

14th September: Session 1 - Jesus' World (Peta's Notes) and visuals:

28th September: Session 2 - What are the Gospels? (Peta's Notes) and visuals:
























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